I lived in Baltimore for a while and all I have to say is, if you live on the East Coast and want a short/cheap visit to a 3rd world country, this is the place to go!  Drive up or down Route 1 and you will see what I mean.


Baltimore does have one saving grace though, and that’s the Inner Harbor.  The bad news is that the best photos I have are all in a laptop that has gone straight to hell.  Unless I un-ass this problem, all my best photos are beyond reach!  But here are some I managed to rescue.

Click on the images for full size!

Inner Harbor

Inner Harbor Birds

Giant seagull! RUN!!!

Seagull in flight

A duck joins the seagull dominated festival



Essex doesn’t get nicer than this.  Avoid if possible!  The drivers are crazy and the crime is pretty bad.  Cars get vandalized at parking lots on a noticeable basis.

Sunset in Essex

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