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US Army Zombie Recruiting Commercial

Made this yesterday…. lol check it out. Advertisements

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New Zombie Comic up!

Guys, I’ve been retarded busy these days. Between the Zombie Combat Command, Pashto and staying in shape and doing a job application it’s been insane. But the new Zombie Combat Command comic is up: Get the full size images here: … Continue reading

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Lack of updates!

Yes I understand there have been serious lack of updates but I’ve put a lot of work into Zombie Combat Command and it now has its own comic! Don’t forget to download the FM that may save your life some … Continue reading

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Army Zombie Combat Command Website has opened!

Visit the site! FM 999-3 has been updated.  Check it out!

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Locked Up Abroad

Has anyone seen this show yet? Really? If you do crime overseas you get jailed? The show should be renamed: Retarded White People. The dramatics don’t help much either. Who came up with this rubbish anyway?

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Army Makes Patrol Cap Defeault Headgear for ACU and Sewing On of Badges Optional

I guess by now most of you have heard about this. Am I on drugs or is the Army actually doing something that makes sense? The one thing that really drives me nuts though, is velcro. After going through the … Continue reading

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WWI – unearthing the hidden war

BBC’s run a story about an excavation that is due to take place in France. There is apparently a patch of land in La Boisselle in which trench and tunnel warfare is preserved perfectly and is practically a time capsule … Continue reading

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