Hong Kong


If you do end up going to Hong Kong and want to be on top of things, check this out (available in many major hotels and online).  Click on the image below to find out more!

Ask Ting Ting is a rental phone (unlimited free calls, local and international), a web surfer (also for no additional charge) and tour guide with interactive videos, hundreds of locations and discounts.  It’s a great tool for those trying to get the most out of their visit to Hong Kong.
If my word isn’t good enough, Time Magazine also think it’s really good.


I spent much of my childhood lost and wandering around Hong Kong.  In fact, it took me about seven years to finally get off the damned thing when I found out it was an Island!  In 2009, I managed to retrace my steps and pay homage to the places I used to frequent.  My memories of the place were surprisingly intact.


I lived there during the colonial days when the British pretended they had some kind of democracy thing going on.  To their credit, they kept Communism out, but Hong Kong’s success in the world is due to the hard work and industry of the people of Hong Kong.

Many things changed… English being not as common as before for example.  The pollution being far less than back in the 1990’s… I guess the “Pitching In” advertisements did have an effect after all.  The Discovery Bay Ferry service no longer has those half-submerged “hovercrafts.”  A few new buildings.  Skywalks/overpasses everywhere.  There’s less milk fat (yum) on the inside of the aluminum bottle cover of  Trappist Milk.

The Best Milk on Earth

Some things haven’t changed.  City Plaza still has an ice rink.  A kindergarten I went to is still there.  A swimming pool I used to go to looks much smaller, but I somehow doubt it actually shrank.  The taxis are still red and the chefs are still bad ass.

Hong Kong has much to see, both on the sea, in the air and on land.

A Discovery Bay Ferry View of Hong Kong

Star Ferry

Fireworks in Kowloon

Tram View of Hong Kong (Mostly Central)

2 Responses to Hong Kong

  1. Spike says:

    It looks smoggier than I remember in the 1960s and 70s, but I would love to go back for a week or so.

  2. Ryoga-kun says:

    Quite nice actually. The lodging is expensive, but other than that it’s good to go! In many ways, it’s still very much the Hong Kong I remember. It’s just hard to describe the place… people who say cities are all the same obviously haven’t been paying much attention. It’s like people who think the outdoors are all the same.

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