Virginia and DC

Naturally as a resident of Virginia, I see this place quite a bit!

Memorial Day Weekend, Arlington National Cemetery

Whether you are a resident of this area or not, it is always nice to stop by pay respects to those who have served and many who have died in the service of their country.

Roosevelt Island, Arlington, VA

Roosevelt Island is a nice place to visit.  It is very close to the Virginia side of Key Bridge that connects Virginia to DC right into Georgetown.  It boasts a nice running trail that’s about a mile and a quarter long and is a regular destination for me when I go for a run (when I’m not injured).  People go there to fish, to enjoy nature and to get fit.  It is very rich in plant life and also has a marsh which is teeming with life.  There are many places to sit and relax and just enjoy nature under the shade of the trees.  It is on the Potomac, so it’s often nice and cool even on a hot day.
Some things to know about visiting Roosevelt Island:
– Boasts a modest car park.  Be sure to arrive early if you’re driving.
– Has a toilet but once you go inside there aren’t any doors.  Bring your own toilet tissue and hand sanitizer.  I bring a squirt bottle for hand washing just in case.
– Toilet closes during the winter, but a porta-potty is set up in the parking lot during those months.
– Insect rich during the summer.  Bring bug spray.
– Paths can get muddy if there has been rain previously. Wear appropriate footwear.
– Bring your own snacks if you intend to be there for some time.  There are no snack stands.
– Bring your own water.  There are water fountains but sometimes they don’t work.


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