Other Equipment

Here you will find reviews for other outdoor equipment that I have or have used in the past!

They’re in no particular order for now, but I will organize it as more products are put up here.


Kabar knives are an item I’d say is good to have, but would be 2nd tier in my list of things to pack.  It’s great for doing some field craft such as stripping bark off of branches for use as tinder or cutting rope.  It’s also excellent for other tasks such as gutting fish and other in the field cooking tasks.
You can buy these usually on major military bases or even off Amazon.
This is one of the few gear that I have that are actually not on the budget side.  At $50 apiece, it’s not a cheap knife, but this is one of those things you do not want to cheap out on along with your footwear.  This knife is extremely sturdy and will not let you down.  Most cheap “Rambo” knives are of dubious build quality.  I used to have one and after about a month of use, the blade and the handle started to wiggle.  Also, never buy knives that have a compass and other bits and bobs fitted into the handle.  These can break in the rugged outdoors.

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