Staying fit is a corner stone of survival in a zombie infested environment.  This is a guide for not only your physical preparation for a zombie epidemic, but also a guide on what physical characteristics your team should possess.


The legs, abs, back (especially lower back) and chest should be the primary focus group for fitness.  Of these make sure your legs, abs and back are given priority over chest.  Also, these should be focused more on muscle endurance rather than raw strength.  The reason for this is that surviving in a hostile zombie environment will require maximum foot mobility and endurance, rather than strength alone.  These are the muscle groups that will carry you long distances over harsh terrain… terrain that zombies hate and have difficulty traversing.

Suggested Exercises
– Burpees – Excellent endurance exercise which will work all of your core muscles at once.  I do a variation where instead of just a vertical jump, I turn it into a two footed, standing long jump.
– Situps
– Pushups
– Squats
– Lunges
– Back raisers


Your arms should not be jacked to the limit.  Why?  Because if you hit the road for about a hundred miles, your arms will start to get extremely heavy, and since the focus of surviving a zombie rich environment is to avoid conflict unless you have managed to join a much larger force, large arms will mostly be a liability rather than an asset.

Suggested Exercises
– Seated row – will work your core as well as the muscular endurance of your arms.
– Dead drop pullups – This will help develop fitness for climbing, should you ever be forced into such a situation.  Remember, if you don’t extend your arms fully when you’re down, it doesn’t count.
– Dumb bell curls – Use lighter weights, generally between 15 to 30 lbs and no more.
– Tricep extention – Again, focus on repetition, rather than weight.  If you can’t do between 50 to 70 reps, it’s too heavy.


Ruck Marching

Ruck march.  Ruck march a lot.  Initially start with lighter loads and work your way up gradually to your actual weight.  This will be your primary means of mobility.  The roads will all be clogged and there will be zombie outbreaks starting from various sections of the roads.
Learn more about ruck marching skills and techniques in the outdoor section when it is updated.


Running is also important.  These should fall under two categories, distance running and ladder sprint workouts.
Do distance running about once a week.  Pace should be a nice and easy pace (I go at about an 8 minute a mile pace for this) and the distance should be long.  Work your way up to 10 miles at least but get there gradually.  Start by running two miles, then as you get more comfortable, keep adding distance without changing your pace.
Ladder sprint workouts should be conducted like so: 100m sprint, 200m walk, 200m sprint, 200m walk, 400m sprint, 200m walk, 200m sprint, 200m walk, 100m sprint.  Throw up everywhere.  Do it once a week if you can, but I realize access to tracks can be tricky for some.


Your minimum (yes, minimum) should be a 22 minute 3 mile, 80 pushups in 2 minutes and 80 situps in 2 minutes.  10 pullups (dead drop).  13.5 second 100m, 70 second 400m.
Any less, and you’re potential zombie food.

Zombie Food

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  1. Joo young says:

    you should watch the movie “zombieland”

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