Yes, so I’ve been around the United States somewhat!  Really should have taken more photos!

Places I have visited: Washington DC, several places in Virginia, New York City, Philadelphia, some random patch of desert outside of Vegas.

The US is a fascinating place to visit, especially since it allows the use of firearms on a rather fuss-free basis.  If you have a friend who owns firearms or if you go to one of the several rental areas in Nevada, you’re in for the sort of fun you will be very hard pressed to get anywhere else in the world.

Personally, for cities, I’ve always preferred the likes of Seoul, Osaka and Singapore, but for a complete outdoor experience, I have never seen a place as complete as the United States.  Memories of camping out with guns in the middle of the desert will stay with me for a long time.  It’s different from going outside in the military since there you don’t have the sort of freedom to enjoy things you can when you’re outside on your own will.  So to keep it short and simple, the US is a camper’s paradise.  Especially the deserts near the West Coast.  East Coast camping is a bit like camping anywhere else in the world (no guns, but gorgeous parks nonetheless) but mountain and desert camping in the US is truly where it’s at!

I’ve never managed to go and camp in Montana… hopefully some day I will have the chance to do so.


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