Vocabulary Exercises – Memrise

For vocabulary enrichment, look no further than memrise.com.

It’s very easy to use and therefore do not require explanation on my part.  Find Pashto lessons here:
Look for “Ryoga’s Pashto” in the title tag.


Currently most of the lessons are pronunciation (alphabet) based.  This is because with the standard Pashto letters, the short vowels are often missing, and therefore do not serve as a good pronunciation guide.
Here is a rough guide to how I transliterate letters.  Sometimes when the pronunciation departs from the norm, I cannot stick to these rules, but more often than not they are consistent.

aa = ا
a’ = ع
rl = ړ
T = ټ
ghr = غ

I do not express the ښ with “x” as some people do as it can subconsciously make you remember it with the English “x” sound.

Also the final “e” such as in “heze” is pronounced like “eh.”

This is a work in progress so if anyone has questions, please let me know.

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