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Panda!!! Who gave you that burger??

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Michael Pritchard’s Filter

Every now and then you hear people talking about how they have found a solution to solve problems etc etc. but I find few to be truly convincing. This, however, is something I do believe that can change things. Good … Continue reading

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4th of July!

Happy 4th of July everyone! Yes it is from last year but you don’t get that sort of view all the time!

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New Pashto Wordlists Are Up

I made some changes to the older word lists including adding some new words. New wordlist: General Pashto Food related phrases and nouns Make sure you pick the lists with the Afghan flag on the side. Not only are they … Continue reading

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Current Spike in Zombie Attack Reports

There’s been a lot of activity in the press about Zombie attacks or incidents that are somewhat Zombie related. The face eating Zombie attack in Florida. The attack involving the eating of human brain and heart in Maryland. The person … Continue reading

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Updates on the Pashto front

Made some major changes to the Pashto Memrise account. First of all, the ones that start with “Ryoga’s Pashto -” are mine. I closed my old account because it was making announcements all over Facebook about it and that I … Continue reading

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Chuck Norris ….

For some odd reason I had a feeling that this site needed an entry about Chuck Norris. Can’t wait for Expendables 2. Really because. Chuck Norris.

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Jessica of Girls Generation (소녀시대) Throws the First Pitch

Jessica of Girls Generation (소녀시대) attempts to throw a pitch in a Korean baseball game. Legitimately one of the worst first pitches ever thrown. Another look at Jessica in a more familiar environment for her: We’ll just say that her … Continue reading

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Essay Writers!!!


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New Lesson Available for ESL/English

I put up a new lesson for reading one or two page long passages or articles and responding in a one paragraph format.  Primarily it is a one paragraph writing guide. Check it out here

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