Metal Gear Leela

No words can explain the awesomeness of this picture.

Metal Gear Leela

It’s somewhat random and I haven’t really touched upon this subject before on this website but seriously, Raiden needs to go. The thought came up when I found this picture, bringing back painful memories of the past. I’m talking about Raiden from the Metal Gear universe (not to be confused by the millions of other Raidens out there).
It is true that you cannot have a second shot at a first impression and when Raiden snuck in when Metal Gear Solid 2 came out, I was beyond disappointed. Disappointed at what an awesome game MGS2 could and should have been and disappointed at how badly they managed to screw up a character set in a universe filled with excellent characters. Against the awesomeness of the likes of Big Mama, Psycho Mantis and Revolver Ocelot, who would take this wuss seriously? No one. If the gamer starts to truly wish that the enemies in the game beat the character that they are playing, you have a problem. And if things couldn’t get any worse… they turned Raiden into a cyborg ninja/samurai.
Leela would be a more worthy successor in the line of one-eyed silent killers.

– Ryoga has spoken.

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