No Church is Safe Anymore

I was doing some grocery shopping until I nearly shat my pants.
Now people who know me well will tell you that it takes something pretty impressively scary to make me shit my pants, but this is truly my limit:

INVISIBLE Kool Aid. It’s as if nukes, biological and chemical weapons weren’t bad enough (that and shitty drivers) now we have THIS. An invisible killer that looks identical to water… one of the things we simply would not and could not exist nor survive without. I’m assuming these have been around for a while, and how they have managed to elude me is beyond comprehension.
No Church is safe anymore. Avoiding the Kool-Aid? Thirsty? Think that cup of water is safe to drink? Guess again! It’s not water, it’s a camouflaged cup of poisoned Kool-Aid! There’s only one thing you can do! DIE!!!!!! And hope you have a good lawyer when you reach the pearly gates because you’re going to have to convince St. Peter that it wasn’t suicide!
You: “But I didn’t know it was poisoned!”
St Peter: “You went to Church didn’t you?”
You: “Touche.”
Followed by ETERNAL damnation!



About Ryoga-kun

Traveling gunfighter. Master of various things.
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