Net10 Tech “Support”

It’s no secret that although Net10 offers very cheap mobile solutions, if you run into any trouble, you’re on your own. The customer and tech support at this company is worse than non existent. If it simply didn’t exist, you’d just scratch your head, say, “I guess you get what you pay for,” and move on and find answers elsewhere.

Consider Exhibit A:

Uhh how to connect the USB cable? Not what he asked but okay....

Click on the link and…

Exhibit B:

Are you f***ing serious??

This Jennifer didn’t even bother to read the question. Or are there a set of pre-written answers that a guy who barely understands English picks out of a pile after looking up a few (random) key words from the initial post?

The question was (paraphrased): I connected the phone to my computer via USB cable and I couldn’t see the hard disk icon appear on my computer anywhere.

The answer given is (paraphrased): This is how to safely connect and disconnect a USB device (i.e. go f*** yourself.)

When you look up Net10 and read up on some of the things people say about their customer service, THIS is what they mean!

Though to be fair, Net10 isn’t the only place with crappy Tech Support.  Inspector Grim can tell you all about it!

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