Discovery! – The Worst Beer in the World

Folks! I have done it. I have made a discovery, of all places, at the local Trader Joe’s. Though not normally a place I go to shop, I decided to take a look and lo and behold, I found a series of six packs of beer that cost just over $3 with taxes. I bought a dozen cans, which turned out to be one serious mistake… or a major discovery for you glass half full people.

Because I don’t like to throw things away for no reason (though being the most disgusting beer in the world is a GREAT reason), I pondered for a few hours regarding what Name Tag “beer” would be good for because it’s definitely no good for drinking.

– Awesome targets (EXPLOSIONS)
– Washing feet (alcohol kills germs)
– Cleaning wounds
– Super Soaker ammo
– Lethal potato gun ammo
– ULTIMATE water boarding
– Why is this list getting worse and worse?

So as you can see, Name Tag “beer” is useful. Just not for drinking.

About Ryoga-kun

Traveling gunfighter. Master of various things.
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2 Responses to Discovery! – The Worst Beer in the World

  1. Misstongshil says:

    Useful for making “pollo borracho”! (AKA: beer can chicken)

  2. daggius says:

    WORST BEER EVER i fucking hate it so much I drnank a ouple of them and put hte rest of the six pack away in my cubpardo anever to be drank again fucking disgusting

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