Vision Quest

Just returned from what turned out to be a vision quest. It was actually two journeys that happened one after the other, again, not by design.
What I saw is for me… but this I will say.
The whole vision quest thing, it works. I figured it involves two elements:
1) Travel
2) Hardship
Sometimes it answers the questions you have and other times it will tell you things you never asked about.
So hit the trails… find out how with the articles in this site 😉
Now mind you, I didn’t just trek through nature. I also visited people of very different socio-economic backgrounds. But I didn’t just listen to what they were saying… I observed what they were doing. Why someone does what and why it’s acceptable that one person does it, but unacceptable when another does the same thing.
Sometimes the answers are predictable. Other times, stunning.


About Ryoga-kun

Traveling gunfighter. Master of various things.
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