Army Makes Patrol Cap Defeault Headgear for ACU and Sewing On of Badges Optional

What a good combat uniform looks like.

I guess by now most of you have heard about this. Am I on drugs or is the Army actually doing something that makes sense?
The one thing that really drives me nuts though, is velcro. After going through the motions every day the stuff just comes off. It makes nasty scratching sounds as I take gear on and off myself. I think the idea is that there would be many uniforms made and replacements made every so often, unfortunately, most of the guys who wear ACUs aren’t very rich.
The RoK military has been looking to upgrade their uniforms and some of their changes seem to be logical but unfortunately, they just haven’t been getting the news from their American counterparts about how bad the velcro and beret fail. The RoK Army is supposed to adopt a uniform that has an excellent camouflage pattern but is cut in the shape and form of an ACU.
The RoK Marines introduced their own new uniform recently but haven’t heard too much about it recently.
ACU… its cursed cut is the source of agony for fighting men the world over!

Never Again (courtesy, Power Point Ranger)


Check out the article here.


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