Dove’s Racist Bodywash Advert?

This advertisement below has kicked off a mini-feces hurricane due to the unfortunate placement of the women.

It’s almost like it implies that by using the bodywash, a black woman can turn into a white woman, when in fact, the words “before” and “after” are meant for the skin closeup shots in the background.  Now… what could have caused this error?

The Artist’s Subconscious Kicked In
Although personal beliefs and professional work should be segregated (unlike people), I suppose you can’t get it right every time!  A Freudian slip of epic proportions?

Really Was an Accident!
Coincidences, believe it or not, exists.  That’s why we have a word for it.  Okay, so we have the words “unicorn,” “dragon,” etc… but.  Okay, so I’m just saying it could have been purely accidental!

Conspiracy Theory
The person making this advertisement knew what he/she was doing, but thought that the world wouldn’t really notice and that it would in fact just send a subliminal message to folks that would further promote the White Race.  Unfortunately, if it’s too obvious, it’s not subliminal!

Personally, I’m siding with the accidental.  I think this whole thing was just another failed exercise of political correctness where they had to include most skin shades, yet think about design etc.  The African American woman was probably placed on the left so that her image would balance out the “weight” shift caused by the Dove bottles on the lower right of the image.


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