CNN: America the No Vacation Nation

From CNN Travel

I read this article and personally I am not too surprised.
America needs to invest in people.
For the high taxes that the United States has, it really has little to show for them.  Now what does that have to do with the lack of vacation?
You would think that with the sort of taxes Americans pay, there should be enough money for these investments in healthcare and education.  But let’s say that the reason for the lack of both is because of “freedom.”  Then what’s the excuse for the lack of vacation?  You think the money that most developed countries spend on healthcare and education could be channeled into vacation time instead.

The American Dream

However, I do have an issue with this article from CNN.  Europe is an exception to the rules and a lot of the countries there are suffering from deficit problems despite not having a huge military or having a Wall Street that likes to steal billions of dollars from the people every few years.  So maybe it is not fair to judge America on the seeming lack of vacations compared to Europe, which may have demonstrated that long vacations may not be financially viable.


South Korea has a gigantic military (especially compared to the population), an excellent healthcare system and an education system, though grueling, makes the average American high school graduate look like a preschooler.  And the country’s budget is balanced.  So what gives?  Why can’t America have either the money or the desire to invest in its own people either through healthcare, education or vacation?

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