Yet another cosmetic update

So been at it for a few days and it does seem to be having an effect. I applied it on the left side of my face and there are noticeably less wrinkles around my left eye as compared to my right eye when normally my left eye tends to be more wrinkled.
For the test, I didn’t even use soap on my face for the past few days to keep it fair.

Issues: The thing seems to require refrigeration. Smell gets stronger as time goes. Decided to dump it out and try to figure out a solution.

So I guess the 2 1/2 L that was yielded in the first production was far too much and should aim for a smaller batch. The good news is that the materials involved in making that batch cost less than 10 cents (US).

Tests continue…


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Traveling gunfighter. Master of various things.
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2 Responses to Yet another cosmetic update

  1. Korean Seaboy says:

    Interesting……I’ve noticed the pros and cons, especially the price. Perhaps you can add the kind of smell perfumes use, yet that will create undoubtedly huge amounts of research. For the refrigeration…I have no idea to the solution for it…Sorry

  2. Ryoga-kun says:

    Right now my mobility is not great but once I get better I will be doing more experimenting. 🙂 Hopefully I will find the solution. Thanks for the support!

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