Photo updates

I updated the travel page regarding Maryland. Photos from Baltimore and Essex

The main issue is that my best photos are on a laptop that has completely gone the way of the Dodo and I can’t find a way to rescue the data!  It’s why the website is a bit sparse at the moment.  All the pictures from around the world… gone!


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Traveling gunfighter. Master of various things.
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One Response to Photo updates

  1. Misstongshil says:

    possibly useful tip from a techie here! And it’s much cheaper than going and buying a whole new laptop of all you want is to be able to access the laptop’s harddrive. (though, there is a possibility that it was just he power supply that croaked…) – either remove he harddrive yourself or find someone to help you out and use this to access it, once removed from the laptop: (harddrive dock)

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