CDC says prepare for Zombie Apocalypse!


I know many people, including myself, don’t take Faux News very seriously but if they’re not flat out lying about the Assistant Surgeon General writing a post about the whole thing, well, should we be worried?

ZOMG a Zombie!!

It’s a damn good thing that I’m pretty much ready for anything!

My packing list:
– Parasol
– Boots
– Bandana
– 3 Day Tactical Pack (Tan)
– 2 week’s supply of MREs
– 3L Camelbak
– x2 Canteens of water
– Sleeping bag
– Foam mat
– Fire starting kit
– IFAK (Improved First Aid Kit)
– Hand held water filter
– KABAR knife
– Poncho
– 550 cord
– Inflatable boat (doubles as waterproof mat)
– Pump
– Paddles

I want my sexy back... pack

What you’ll notice is that if you’re prepared for a zombie apocalypse, you’re prepared for just about every emergency you can possibly think of. Except perhaps a nuclear, biological or chemical attack. Good thing I’m actually trained in it. Except in the event of nuclear or biological attack, there’s practically nothing you can do.
But other than that, I’m all set!


About Ryoga-kun

Traveling gunfighter. Master of various things.
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